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NEW AGE JEANS by James Sherman

We are proud to present NEW AGE JEANS, a staple of quality and style.

Introducing NEW AGE JEANS; an elevated take on the age-old blue jeans with quality as the main focus. Jeans that you can rely on no matter what, designed to last a lifetime.

Releasing in two different cuts, the Ozias and Ulysse jeans are named after real people from the Sherman team and are inspired by their styles and personalities. For more information about the Ozias and Ulysse cuts,

Now, we've been talking pretty big game here. You might be asking "Okay, well what makes this new line all that?" Let's get into the details.

Each pair uses 14 oz. super heavyweight denim which is enzyme washed and faded to give a distinctly soft feel and deep blue look.

Featured all around the jeans is Sherman's bold X9 stitch. Each stitch uses nine threads, with reinforcing single stitching underneath for maximum durability and a distinct look like no other.

All of the hardware is made of polished metal, featuring signature Sherman branding and motifs.

The jeans also feature seven different pockets- two side pockets, a coin pocket, and four back pockets. The coin and back pockets use special devil horns flaps, designed by Sherman for use in the NEW AGE JEANS line.

It ticks all the boxes for a denim enthusiast's paradise. We should know. We're denim enthusiasts.

After much research, development, and hard work, we are excited to be releasing the first two jeans in the NEW AGE JEANS line, the Ozias and Ulysse in deep blue.

NEW AGE JEANS plus other new items will be available on the Sherman website

on Black Friday, November 25th.


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