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After much anticipation following our debut video "OAKS", Sherman's "THREE EYES" video is here.

Featuring Nathon Jaimes, Arlak Kanchanajiva Jr., Josue Sutuj, Andrew Robles, Ozias Murillo, Aaron Antoine Bass, Elijah Canales, Coleman Sales, James Graham,

and Ulysse BC. Filmed and edited by James Graham.

The gang is back and better than ever in Sherman's new full length video. Blending an eclectic range of skateboarding, music, and energy, "THREE EYES" embraces the untraditional and uniquely raw nature of the team. From Arlak's brute attacks on stairs and Andrew's wild style to Coleman's floating over crusty spots and Nully's straight up tearing through tech tricks and crazy gaps, there's not a dull moment to be found in the team's diverse styles.

Watch it now on the Sherman Youtube channel.


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